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WF-WB802 Harden Flanged Bushing DU-W thrust washer Factory

The area occupied by self-lubricating block is related to the running speed and Flanged Bimetal Bushingsstrength, and the running speed is low; the bearing strength is large, and the area occupied by metal should be larger. For example, the area occupied by the self-lubricating block of the traveling wheel bearing of the ingot car is about 25%, the lubrication of the shaft bearing of the pulling mechanism is sufficient, the bearing strength is not large, and the area occupied by the self-lubricating block is about 65%.

Technical requirements for DU-W thrust washer bushing materials Bushings shall be made of alloyed copper. The bushings shall have a high hardness and shall generally be heat treated. The hardness shall not be lower than HRC45.

Geometry and setting requirements of self-lubricating blocks. The self-lubricating block has two shapes of a column shape and a rectangular shape, and the self-lubrication can adopt a column shape according to the occupied area, and a rectangle can be used instead. No matter what shape must be set in order to prevent it from falling off during operation.

The clearance value of the bushing and the shaft The linear expansion coefficient of the self-lubricating block is about 10 times that of steel. In order to adapt to the bearing temperature change, the gap between the shaft and the bushing is increased from the original four-stage dynamic matching (D4/DC4) 0.032~0.15MM to 0.45~0.5MM. The self-lubricating block,WF-WB802 Harden Flanged Bushing protrudes from the side of the friction pair by 0.2 to 0.4 mm of the bushing metal. This will be fully lubricated during the initial running-in period of the bearing operation, reducing the power consumption of the power drag.

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Re: WF-WB802 Harden Flanged Bushing DU-W thrust washer Factory

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