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Custom DU-P slide bearings, DP4 bushings DU Oilless Washer

Introduction to the selection and characteristics of composite sliding bearings
In order to solve the problems of high temperature, low speed, heavy load, large dust, water shower and impact vibration in mechanical equipment, composite sliding bearings can be used.

The structure of the DU Oilless Washer The composite sliding bearing is developed on the friction surface of the metal sliding bearing of the bearing base to form a well-ordered hole of appropriate size, and is embedded with molybdenum disulfide, graphite, etc. to form a composite self-lubricating slider mounted on the metal sleeve. The composite bearing has a solid lubricant friction area of ​​25-65%. The solid self-lubricating block,hatch cover bronze bearing pad in ptfe lubricant lubripad can work normally at a high temperature of 280 °C. However, due to its low mechanical strength, weak bearing capacity and easy deformation, it can be suppressed by inserting it in a metal hole. The composite bearing becomes a metal part to carry the load, and the self-lubricating block acts as a lubrication. The lubrication mechanism of the composite sliding bearing is that during the sliding friction between the shaft and the sleeve,DU-P slide bearings, DP4 bushings a part of the self-lubricating material molecules is transferred to the metal surface of the shaft, filling the micro-non-planar surface, and forming a relatively stable solid lubricating film. , causing the grinding between the solid lubricating film to prevent the adhesive wear of the shaft and the sleeve. This combination of rationality combines the complementary advantages of copper alloys and non-metal wear-reducing materials, and is particularly suitable for motion-free environments in oil-free, high-temperature, high-load, low-speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosive, and strong radiation environments, and It is used under special working conditions where water or other solution is infiltrated and no grease can be added at all.

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Re: Custom DU-P slide bearings, DP4 bushings DU Oilless Washer

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