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Cabrera was the guy

On the mound Youth Myles Jack Jersey , the team survived the Yankees with the bullpen's best bend-but-don't-break effort.Like whenSuicide Squadhit theaters, "Red Sox Playoff Bullpen" played out almost exactly as poorly everyone thought it would. In Game 1, Sale handed off a 5-2 lead after 5.1 innings, and Boston escaped witha 5-4 victory.In a Game 2 loss, Price melted down early and the bullpen allowed another three runs. As they closed out the series in Game 4, the Red Sox turned to Sale instead of a reliever for the eighth inning before handing off a 4-1 lead to Kimbrel for the ninth.He loaded the bases and allowed a warning-track shot that with a few more feet would have won the game for New York鈥攖he Sox prevailed 4-3.The whole ordeal was like watching Han, Luke and Leia trapped in the trash compactor, every next thing pointing towards an epic disaster before some miracle pulls them out of trouble.It could be a relative unknown who can be the rock Boston will need in the tightest moments against Houston.Ryan Brasier started this season in Triple-A Pawtucket after spending last year in Japan. With the fans in Yankee Stadium itching and scratching, looking for any bit of hope to erupt into pandemonium, Brasier shut down the Yankees in the seventh of Game 4. He finished the series with four strikeouts in 2.1 innings, allowing no runs and earning the trust of manager Alex Cora in high-leverage situations. He'd spent nearly five seasons toiling around baseball before finding himself in the middle of a high-tension playoff series, once cursing at Gary Sanchez, telling the Yankees catcher to get back in the box before blowing him away on a 97-mph fastball.Cora will need Brasier and the bullpen in the ALCS, another change from Boston's regular-season reality."We work differently than other teams," Cora said during a press conference ahead of Game 1 of the ALDS. "We relied on our starters throughout the season. They carry us. We felt that on a nightly basis they were going to give us a chance to win鈥攅ither five innings, six innings, whatever. They were very consistent about it."Sale, Nathan Eovaldi in Game 2 and Rick Porcello in Game 4 gave Cora effective starts in the ALDS. But he'll want more from Price than the 1.2 innings he got in Game 2. In many ways, the Red Sox's chances hinge on Price finding form. Cora is committed to the 33-year-old left-hander sticking in the rotation, telling WEEI.com that he believes his star pitcher only needed to make some mechanical adjustments."There were a few things I noticed that he's gotten away from [his] last few starts," Cora said. "Hopefully he can make that adjustment. ... I do feel that with that adjustment http://www.jaguarscheapstore.com/myles- … rsey-cheap , he'll be back to being the guy who pitched in the middle of the summer, and he'll dominate again."Rookie manager Alex Cora was a bench coach for the Astros last season.Elise Amendola/Associated PressCora himself is in his first postseason as an MLB manager and did not excel as a playoff player鈥攈e hit .154 over 26 at-bats in six series. But he was the shining light for Boston against the Yankees, seemingly unable to make a bad decision. The Red Sox have seen the Astros before, but nobody knows them better than Cora, who was Houston's bench coach during their World Series run last season.Following multiple seasons when many felt former skipper John Farrell was not aggressive enough in his managerial style, Cora has flipped the script. His decision to sub in Brock Holt and Rafael Devers for Ian Kinsler and Eduardo Nunez in Game 3 of the ALDS paid dividends, as did having Sale come in to set up Kimbrel in Game 4."I'm trying to remember some things that I told [Cora] that I wish I wouldn't have," Houston manager AJ Hinch said to the media Wednesday before his team's first workout."He was obviously right next to me every step of the way. As a bench coach, you're kind of involved in everything, but maybe master of nothing when it comes to being in charge."Houston is the favorite to win the series, topping Boston on paper in the bullpen and the rotation while featuring a comparable lineup. Several things will need to break the Sox's way in order for them to move onto the World Series. And if the Red Sox didn't like what pundits were saying before the Yankees, they won't like what they hear as they prepare to face Houston. But the rematch of last year's ALDS is set, and this time, the stakes are higher."We're ready for another shot," Porcello said. Beyond leading Martinez in batting average, Betts also has him beat in on-base percentage (.432 to .400), OPS (1.057 to 1.029) andOPS+ (179 to 174).There's no contest in the baserunning or defense departments. Betts has 28 stolen bases to Martinez's five, and he's one of the AL's most valuable overall baserunners. He's also second among AL outfielders with 21 defensive runs saved.Because Baseball Writers' Association of America voters aren't given a "clear-cut definition of what Most Valuable means," MVP debates don't stop at the WAR rankings.Hence why there are also cases for Mike Trout, Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor Youth Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , Alex Bregman, Khris Davis and Matt Chapman in addition to Betts and Martinez.And yet, both WAR and the Vegas odds point to Betts as the man to beat.Perhaps things would be different if there were an outcry for BBWAA members to subscribe to logic that Martinez must be named the MVP if he earns the Triple Crown. But if it even exists, such an outcry is difficult to hear.Which brings us to the other inevitable part of this article: My, how things have changed since 2012.Paul Sancya/Associated PressThe AL MVP battle between Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout six years ago had the same basic setup as this year's Martinez vs. Betts battle, but it inspired completely different arguments.Cabrera was the guy chasing the Triple Crown who succeeded with a .330 average, 44 homers and 139 RBI. Trout, meanwhile, was a sabermetrician's platonic ideal of a baseball player. He slashed .326/.399/.564 with 30 homers, 49 steals, 19DRS and 10.5 WAR to Cabrera's 7.1.Cabrera winning the AL MVP in a landslide, however, was reflective of the logic of the day. Although his backers also brought up the Detroit Tigers' playoff berth, the Triple Crown was the main draw."I think [Cabrera and Trout are] both fantastic players, tremendous players, both of them," Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost told reporters that October, "but if Cabrera wins the Triple Crown, he has to be the MVP, absolutely."Mind you, the notion that a Triple Crown must equal an MVP wasn't historically accurate. That didn't work for Chuck Klein in 1933. Nor for Lou Gehrig in 1934. Nor for Ted Williams in 1942 or 1947.Still http://www.jaguarscheapstore.com/yannic … rsey-cheap , that didn't stop HISTORY from assuming an all-caps role in the matter. This was the Triple Crown, after all. Its roots as the ultimate measure of hitting excellence went deep. To boot, Cabrera was the first to wear it since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.In the face of all this, Trout's supporters tried to push that he'd actually been a better hitter than Cabrera (true), as well as more clutch (also true) and generally more of an impactful player (see above). Coupled with how his Los Angeles Angels actually won more games than Cabrera's Tigers, his MVP case should have been hard to deny.However, making those claims required pointing to statistics that hadn't yet broken into the mainstream. Writers and fans reacted accordingly. WAR, especially, was either dismissed as "obscure" or mocked via repurposed Edwin Starr lyrics.But if nothing else, the Cabrera vs. Trout debate broke down the wall that stood between new-school statistics and the mainstream. And rather than being forced back out, their role in the argument has only increased in the ensuing years.WAR, in particular, is now referenced on baseball cards and in TV broadcasts. Heck, it even appears on stadium scoreboards. Those same scoreboards are also bound to reference all manner of Statcast data, which has completely revolutionized (read: "geek-ified") how baseball is discussed over the last four years.In an environment such as this, Martinez simply can't be granted the same kind of treatment that Cabrera got back in 2012. To do so would be to engage in blatantly out-of-touch behavior.This is not to suggest that Martinez has no shot at winning the AL MVP. His numbers are damn impressive, andMLB.com'sMike Lupicaand The Athletic'sKen Rosenthalhave (rightly) opined that his transcendent effect on the Red Sox lineup can't be ignored.Regardless, 2018 will succeed in doing something that should have been done back in 2012: It will render the Triple Crown from a supreme achievement to a mere oddity. Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference and FanGraphs.

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