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The 49ers will win/lose against the Chiefs if...

I’ll be honest San Francisco 49ers Hats , finding a way on how the 49ers can beat the Chiefs seems impossible. Impossible because given the youth of this team, I just don’t think they can play the game required for being on the road against one of the most explosive offenses in the league thus far. That said, if the 49ers can win, this will be a major statement to the league. It also means the 49ers are even further along in rebuilding because they went into a top team’s house and beat them. Don’t count on it, but that will be the result. The truth is, Arrowhead is one of the loudest stadiums on the continent and it’s not easy to play with that noise as anyone who shares a rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks will tell you. The 49ers have a chane with this one, but given what I’ve seen San Francisco 49ers Hoodie , it’s a very very small chance. The 49ers will win if...Hate to be vague, but:Perfection. The 49ers have all the tools to play perfect football, but with their youth, I don’t know if they know how to embrace those tools to do so. We’ve seen numerous mistakes and self inflicted wounds costing them against the Minnesota Vikings and almost burning them against the Detroit Lions. Passes have to be caught. Touchdowns have to be made. 3rd and twelves with the Chiefs offense can’t be converted. Garoppolo has to get the ball out quick while his line can guard.The 49ers cannot make mistakes. It’s a tall order for the youth of this team. Even worse when the thinning depth is getting tested with injuries.Outside of the Los Angeles Rams game, this may be the hardest game on the front half of the schedule. The only way the 49ers are getting out of here is with smart football on all phases of the game. No mistakes, no miscues, perfection. They have the talent to do so. The 49ers will lose if...Patrick Mahomes can do whatever the hell he wants. We will have a separate post talking about what Mahomes may have to deal with Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , but with 10 touchdowns in two games, he needs to get a wakeup call. That starts with the pass rush (God forbid). If the 49ers allow Mahomes time in the pocket, that they allowed Matthew Stafford, it’s going to be a long nightmare. If, in addition, the 49ers can’t keep up with the Chiefs receivers and bat those passes away, it’s pretty much all over. The Chiefs defense isn’t that great www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com , but the offense can answer any successful drive the 49ers mount. It starts with Mahomes. If they can’t stop him even perfect football may not be enough with that talent in Kansas City. What do you think will be the reasons the 49ers will win/lose? Look, I understand that a lot of what’s been happening with the San Francisco 49ers has been young players making dumb moves that wind up piling up into huge issues. I get that. I also get that many of the players, especially on defense, are defending Robert Saleh saying they called a good game and taking the blame for the issues themselves. First of all—that’s great. These guys that have accountability and aren’t pointing the finger when things get bad are the right guys to have in the locker room. I’ll go more into it today, but short answer is—that locker room could be on meltdown and instead it’s sticking together. John Lynch got that part right. But second and more important: Just why aren’t the players executing? If good gameplans are called, and players (multiple)are out of position then why is that happening? Is that still a player issue or a coaching issue? Is Robert Saleh’s defense too complicated for its own good? Are they not coaching players up?I’m not pointing a finger at anyone. Maybe Saleh is calling great games and the players are not communicating/executing. If that’s the case, then my question is why aren’t they? Is it youth or some other reason. Just something to think about. Onto your links. Jimmy Garoppolo has ‘different perspective’ watching 49ers after torn ACL (Chan)49ers’ George Kittle San Francisco 49ers T-Shirt , a captain, quickly earns locker-room respect (Branch)49ers ‘definitely’ want Richard Sherman on team next season (Maiocco)49ers injury report: Dante Pettis will return vs. Cardinals (Madson)Which 1-win wonder spies No. 1 pick: 49ers, Raiders, Cards, Giants? (Inman)49ers’ Richard Sherman: I’m not going anywhere (Cohn)Kyle Shanahan looks to captains to usher 49ers through adversity (Maiocco)John Lynch says 49ers having ‘a lot of conversations’ as trade deadline approaches (Bonilla)Jimmy Garoppolo: Dwelled on the play, ACL tear but have moved on (Wagoner)5 ways 49ers can beat Cardinals in second matchup (Madson)What a horrible night to have a curse...

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